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President of Yale University visits PKU

Peking University, Apr. 21, 2013: Yale President Richard Levin, with a delegation including President-elect Peter Salovey and Vice President Linda Lorimer, visited Peking University (PKU) on April 16, 2013. PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu received the delegation.



President Levin (L) and President-elect Salovey


Professor Zhu gave a welcome speech, where he in the first place paid tribute to what President Levin, who is about to retire, had contributed to Yale University. “During his 20 years of presidency, President Levin is devoted to Yale’s academic accomplishment as well as the establishment of international ties, having made it a point for Yale to keep sound partnership with PKU. I sincerely hope that Provost and President-elect Salovey would pick up the ‘baton of cooperation’ and further strengthen the exchanges between Yale and PKU,” said Chairman Zhu.


President Levin suggested that it would be great for Yale and PKU to continue the exchange program for administrative staffs, so that better services for all faculty and students on both campuses would be provided.


On recalling the history of PKU, Chairman Zhu noted that in the new era when PKU is moving towards its goal of becoming world-class, it is crucial for PKU to establish close relationship with elite universities like Yale.


With the goal of further cooperation, Zhu made proposals such as setting up overseas offices on both sides and holding “Peking University Day” affair at Yale. He also invited President Levin and his successor Professor Salovey to lecture at the 2013 Beijing Forum.



From left: PKU Vice President Li Yansong, Levin, Zhu, Salovey, and Lorimer


PKU is one of the most important partners of Yale University in China. The relation of the two universities is growing increasingly close in recent years. In 2011 PKU and Yale launched PKU-Yale Joint Undergraduate Program and Yale Summer School, both been fruitful.


Background Info:


Yale University is a private Ivy League research university located in New Haven, Connecticut, the United States. Founded in 1701, the university is one of the world’s greatest universities. Richard Levin, President of the university since 1993 will step down on June 30, 2013, succeeded by Provost Peter Salovey. 


Written by: Zhang Shiling

Edited by: Zhao Ning

Source: PKU News (Chinese), Wikipedia, and Office of International Relations