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PKU students held chatiry sale to raise money for Zuo Yan

Peking University, Oct. 17, 2011: With the theme of “Let every piece of love reach where it should be”, a charity sale was held by PKU Sunshine Volunteers Association on October 15 and 16 at Peking University(PKU). The charity sale is intended to raise money for ZuoYan, a poor boy with acute severe aplastic anemia and in bad need of money for his surgical treatment.



The charity bazaar was set up on the north side of the Student Dormitory No.28, mainly selling bestsellers and sports goods. The books were all donated by press companies, publishers and Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation. ”It demonstrates the public attention on our charity sale and in turn increases our influence on society, thus encouraging more companies with social responsibility to join us. Establishing connection with companies and calling them to donate for ZuoYan is another plan.” said WangHao, the director of the charity sale.

“The treatment must not be delayed any longer. We hope to raise 50,000 yuan by the charity sale and then we may consider charity performance for a further fund raising.” In order to keep the charity activity transparent and guarantee a proper use of the money, the director said,” We will give the money directly to ZuoYan’s guardian who will then write receipts so that we can put it on BDWM BBS for public supervision.”



“This charity sale is held for the purpose of raising money but meanwhile, for the buyers, they can also get both happiness of helping people and knowledge from books.” said the director. The charity sale got wide support from students. ”As a PKU student, I think it’s my responsibility to care for and help the vulnerable.” said a student who came to buy books. A volunteer stated that ” I want to help ZuoYan and that’s why I am here. I also hope more students would join us, so that we can spread more love to people in need. The greatest happiness lies in helping others.”

Writen by: Fang Runiu
Edited by: Cao Yixing
Source: PKU News (Chinese)