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Zhu Xing: progress in investigations of Fano Resonance

Peking University, Oct 17, 2011: In a recent collaboration with Rice University, Peking University (PKU) Zhu Xing, professor from the Near-field Optics Research Group in the School of Physics, made a breakthrough in the investigation of Fano Resonance. He observed for the first time Fano Resonance in wavebands of visible light from silver nano-disk structures with symmetry breaking, and confirmed the surface plasmonic polariton(SPP) with theoretical analysis. It was published in Nano Letters on Sept.14, 2011. [Z.Y. Fang, N. Halas, P. Nordlander, Xing ZHU, etc, Nano Letters, 2011, DOI:10.1021/nl202804y, ]





SPP is a collective electron resonance between metallic and dielectric materials. Although Fano resonance is observed in nanostructures, the structure of SPP with Fano resonance is very complicated and requires multiple processing steps to produce Through designing a planar nanostructre, Zhu Xing and his group demonstrated the existence of Fano resonance in the metallic nano-plate. By using the method of electrom beam lithography, researchers successfully cut out several cutting angles within the range of 30?~120? in the silver nano-disk with 160 nm in diameter and 30 nm in thickness. Professor Zhu’s research, showing that Fano Resonance can be observed in simple nanostructure, provided new prospects in its pratical application.


Zhu Xing and his group carried out a series of research in the near-field optical technique of surface plasmon characterization. which were presented in the third thesis in Nano Letter 2011 by Fang Zheyu,with Professor Zhu being his thesis advisor.


Written by : Li Yang
Edited by : Liu Lu
Source: PKU News(Chinese)