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PKU Mid-autumn Festival Celebration: a Cross-Strait "Family Reunion"

Peking University, Sept. 19, 2011: Peking University (PKU) students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese mainland joined together to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on September 8th, the important Chinese traditional festival that represents family reunion.


Accompanied by the breeze and moon of the night 170 attendants, including PKU Council Vice Chairman Yang He, PKU Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Xiaoli, Director of Office of International Relations Xia Hongwei, faculties and student representatives from various departments and schools, gathered to appreciate the moon and celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival.


Professor Yang He giving the speech.


Yang He welcomed the freshmen from all parts of China in his speech, at the same time encouraging them to take the university as their own home and becoming part of the beautiful Beida scenery. In response, Ph.D. student Chen Guanhao from Taiwan and undergraduate student Mo Jiebang gave their best wishes to all the professors, and expressed their anticipation to college life and their determination to carry on the spirit of PKU. Master student of School of International Studies Li Shuzhen presented her work of calligraphy as a gift for PKU, which quoted Li Bai’s renowned poem (俱怀逸兴壮思飞,欲上青天揽明月) to express her aspiration.


Student representative giving a speech.


Li Shuzhen showing her work of calligraphy



Various shows from PKU student associations were the highlight of the evening, adding to the pleasant atmosphere of the event. Hong Kong Cultural Association, Macao Cultural Communication Association, Cross-strait Culture Exchange Association, and Taiwan Research Association all came with remarkable performances. Especially the song named The heartbeat of PKU, specially composed for this gathering, depicted the students` personal experience of college life and expressed their emotional attachment and deep gratitude for PKU.


Student show


On the gathering, freshmen from Taiwan and Chinese mainland gave a joint performance of the song Ming Yue Ji Shi You(《明月几时有》). The tender and nostalgic melody pushed the party to its peak moment. The hearts of PKU students from all over China were joined together by the side of Weiming Lake.



Extended Information


Currently, there are 588 full-time students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at PKU, including 227 undergraduates, 190 master students and 171 Ph.D. students. In addition, 44 students from PKU partner-universities such as National Taiwan University, University of Hong Kong are taking exchange courses in PKU.




Written by: Wang Jingran

Edited by: Li Xiaomeng

Source: PKU News(Chinese)