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PKU HSBC School of Business obtains EPAS official accreditation

Peking University, Sept. 21, 2011: The EPAS accreditation is officially conferred on the Peking University (PKU) HSBC School of Business for its Master of Economics Program. The resolution was approved unanimously by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) on the Brussels conference of its Membership Review Committee on September 15, 2011.


PKU HSBC School of Business


EFMD fully affirmed the HSBC School of Business's studying environment and discipline orientation, and the school's excellent teachers and students were highly praised. The foundation also expressed its expectation for the school’s continuous effort in the next three years, as well as more brilliant achievements.


With its purpose to promote the development of global management science, EFMD, founded in 1971, has enrolled more than 650 members in 70 countries across the world, including world-famous business schools, management training advisory bodies, large corporations, and public business organizations.


EPAS, as one of the two education quality certification systems carried by EFMD, is always upholding a strict and meticulous style, winning the global reputation with its refined quality.


PKU HSBC School of Business was formally accepted as a member of EFMB in December, 2009. The school successfully got the certification within two years. The staff and students strive to forge ahead, carefully follow the international standard, and constantly improve the school environment and teaching quality, giving EFMB a satisfactory impression.


PKU HSBC School of business maintains its goal of building first-class business school in the world. The EPAS certification is an important affirmation of teaching quality from the world-class educational management organization, and also a shining chapter in HSBC's development course.


Background Info:
The HSBC Business School, affiliated to PKU Shenzhen Graduate School, is an English-language-teaching business school in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The school has hired an impressive roster of international faculty from top institutions - including Harvard, PKU, MIT, and UC Berkeley - to bring in internationally-focused education. All the classes, with their student from China and overseas, are at the graduate level, majoring respectively in management, economics, and finance. The HSBC School of Business also offers Dual Master’s degree programs collaborative with the University of Hong Kong.


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PKU HSBC Business School Successfully Enter EPAS Accreditation Process

Written by: Jiang Zhaohui
Edited by: Arthars
Source: PKU Shenzhen Graduate School