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PKU teachers and students actively took part in blood donation


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Peking University, Oct. 10, 2011: At the beginning of the new semester, the first blood donation organized by PKU Hospital, PKU Student Union, Student Red Cross Society and Beijing Red Cross Blood Center, was held to near the Student Dormitory No.32 from 8:30 to 16:00 on Sept. 28th and Sept. 29th.




On the day, donors lined up in front of the mobile blood donation vehicle.They followed the procedure orderly, start off by filling in the forms, measured their blood pressure and had their blood tested. Meanwhile, volunteers from PKU Red Cross Society answered questions raised by donors and gave out souvenirs.


Most donors signed up for donation after hearing about the event while regular donors contacted the Red Cross Society voluntarily six months after their last donation. One student from PKU School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science said this was his second donation. He regarded it as a good opportunity to show love and it's good for health. “It’s a pity that my blood vessel is too narrow that only 200 ml of blood can be donated each time.” He smiled.


Students in charge of PKU Red Cross Society said that they introduct a new booking system for blood donation this year, since too much time was wasted in form filling and registration last year. More than 50 donors had made their booking and registration in advance on Sept. 24th and 25th at the Campus Restaurants (Western-style). This had greatly speeded up the donation process and saved students from waiting in the long queue. Donors were also asked to have their blood tested and if they are willing to have another blood donation. This will be of great help when a specific blood type is in shortage.  Instead of asking security staff for help, officers can refer back to the data base for a more efficient and reliable blood source.


Written by: Zhang Hao
Edited by: Cao Yixing
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