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PKU receives book donations from senior professors

Peking University, Sept.24, 2011: A donating ceremony was held in the exhibition hall of the Peking University (PKU) Library on the afternoon of September 16, where Professor Tang Yijie and Professor Yue Daiyun donated their book collections to the University.



Tang Yijie is a senior professor of philosophy and social sciences and president of PKU Confucianism Research Institute; while Yue Daiyun is chairman of Chinese Comparative Literature Academy, former chief of PKU Comparative Literature and Culture Institution, and professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.


Prof. Tang Yijie


Together they donated to PKU their lifetime’s collections of books and documents as well as their valuable manuscripts and photos, which amount to almost 50,000 volumes of books and 20,000 volumes of magazines. Among the donated documents are the collected manuscripts and photos of late Professor Tang Yongtong, former vice president of PKU. The professors promised that they would donate all their new publications to PKU from now on.


Prof. Yue Daiyun


On the donating ceremony, Professor Tang and Yue expressed their gratitude and devotion for PKU. Having studied and lived in PKU for over 60 years, they both thought it the best way to pay back by donating their stored books. Their donation would greatly enrich PKU documental collections in the fields of philosophy, religion and literature. This act shows the older generation’s uttermost support to PKU’s academic study as well as their profound concern for young learners. It will definitely produce demonstration effect on the cultivation of talents and the building of related subjects.


PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu


On behalf of the University, PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu accepted the samples of the donated books, and awarded them with certificates and souvenirs in return. Zhu highly praised their academic attainments and moral realm. He commented that PKU would take this as an opportunity to bring its superiority in humanities and social sciences into full play, with the entire cultural level developed.


President Zhou Qifeng


President Zhou Qifeng acknowledged donation of the professors, and signed donation contract with them. He promised that PKU would carefully preserve their donation and scientifically use these valuable materials in order to make new breakthroughs.


In the end, Librarian Zhou Qiang made a solemn promise that all the staff will devotedly carry out the requirements of the contract, and make full use of the donated documents.


Written by: Yan Binghan
Edited by: Arthars
Source: PKU News (Chinese)