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As joy & music in chemistry, chemistry in you & me

Peking University, June 1, 2011: Chemistry and music do not always go together; but this time, they did.


A "Joy and Music in Chemistry" Concert was held in China's National Center for the Performing Arts on May 24. An opening ceremony of the PKU Chemistry Cultural Fesival, it was also part of a series in celebrating the International Year of Chemistry in China.


Several student organizations - including the Chinese Music Institute (CMI) - performed at the gala.


PKU President Zhou Qifeng also talked about his understandings of chemistry — it was close to people's daily lives. A chemistry professor, he wrote a song, "Chemistry in you and me," the last major piece that evening.


PKU President Zhou Qifeng


Chinese Chemical Society President Yao Jiannian


CMI instructor Bi Minghui



The gala


The event was sponsored by Peking University, the Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Chemical Society.



Written by: Li Nuoya

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)