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Aiding the disabled

Peking University, May 24, 2011: “Cultivate talents and practice humanitarianism,” a silk banner read in honor of PKU’s efforts for the disabled persons’ development.


The banner from the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) was presented at the signing ceremony for PKU-CDPF cooperation agreement on May 19.


According to the agreement, both sides will pay more attention in building the PKU China Research Center for Disability and Development and the Teaching and Training Base for the Cause of Chinese Disabled Persons. Details of cooperation including use of the information resources, research for population of the disabled, research for the disables’ need, related consult service, training for core members of the disabled, academic conferences, related international cooperation and communication.


In bilateral cooperation, CDPF will provide necessary financial support, policy, and communication among related departments. PKU will be responsible for academic and technological support to make sure policy suggestions and working solutions can be made efficiently. A "policy, academics, and research" integrated social service platform will be built.


China disabled persons’ "12th Five-Year Plan" Development Program, the first development program of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan was passed in the State Council’s May 11 executive meeting. The cooperation between PKU and CDPF is crucial for implementing the new development program and for celebrating China’s 21st National Day of Assisting the Disabled on May 15.


During the past five years, PKU and CDPF have held a series of scientific study, training, and research, which play a significant role for disabled affairs.


Zheng Xiaoying, director of PKU Institute of Population Research and Chen Xinmin, director of CDPF Research Office, summarized the achievements during the past few years respectively. Wang Xinxian, vice chairman of CDPF, presented a banner to PKU President Zhou Qifeng on behalf of CDPF for his special contribution to disabled affairs, and praised PKU’s role of  cultivating talents and practicing humanitarianism.








Cooperation between PKU and CDPF:

In April 2006, several teachers from the PKU Institute of Population Research participated in the second national sample survey of disabled persons.


In July 2006, PKU and CDPF signed an agreement on cooperation with the PKU Institute of Population Research as the main platform for disability and development research.


In July 2006, PKU and CDPF jointly built China’s first national institution for disability research, China Research Center for Disability and Development.


In December 2006, PKU and CDPF held an international forum with the theme “disabled persons’ development.” A Weiming Lake Declaration, which informs the world of the process and opportunity of China’s disabled persons’ development, was issued in the forum. It was the first time that China has held the international forum on the issue of disabled persons and their development.


From 2007 to now, PKU is participating in China’s first consistent and systematical monitor of disabled persons’ condition.


In July 2007, PKU published China’s first systematical series of study on disabled persons’ condition, Series of Study on Disabled Persons and Their Development.


In April 2008, the PKU Institute of Population Research participated in drafting and modifying China’s first programmatic document of disabled persons’ development, Views of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on Promoting the Development of Persons with Disabilities.


In October 2008, Chen Gong, professor with the PKU Institute of Population Research, led teachers and students to Wenchuan in southwest China’s Sichuan Province to provide relief for the devastating May 12 earthquake.


In December 2008, PKU took part in establishing China’s first platform for studying disabled persons, China Disability Research Society.


In December 2009, PKU and CDPF jointly applied for and undertook National Social Science Foundation’s first major project on disabled persons, The Study on Preventions of Disability .


In February 2010, PKU and CDPF built China’s first training base specializing in disabled persons’ development in participation, the PKU Teaching and Training Base for the Cause of Chinese Disabled Persons.


In 2010, PKU became China’s first university establishing demography major (disability research) for postgraduate degree.


In October 2010, Professor Chen Gong led teachers and students to Yushu in west China’s Qinghai Province to provide relief for the earthquake-hit areas.


In December 2010, PKU, CDPF and other universities and institutions held a "Study on Preventions of Disability Forum and the 4th China Disability Research Forum." It was the first time that China has held an international forum on the preventions of disability.



Written by: Lin Zhe and Liu Yineng

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)