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Across the Strait, libraries linked

Peking University, May 23, 2011: Peking University Library and Taiwan University (NTU) Library vowed further cooperation as the two signed an exchange and cooperation agreement on May 9.


It was one of the achievements constituted on the "Peking University Day at NTU" during a 134-member PKU delegation’s visit to Taiwan.


The two libraries will deliver 200 pieces of their own collection and 100 other pieces for free; they will interchange copies of library and university publications from time to time; they will share free authorized collection of 100 dissertations and other special collection resources, according to the agreement.


In the cooperation of personnel, the two libraries agreed on a mutual exchange and visit mechanism. They also agreed to link each another’s portal on their own web page (see PKU Library and NTU Library).


Signing the agreement


The two libraries have maintained friendly exchanges and interaction. A detailed discussion on resource sharing, collection development, personnel exchanges and publications giving on December 20, 2011, the "NTU Day" at PKU. Much consensus was reached, and soon the texts of the agreement were developed. With the approval of both universities, the agreement was signed on the “PKU Day.”


On behalf of Peking University Library, Professor Zhu Qiang, the university librarian, presented to the NTU Library 59 academic books published by Peking University Press. In exchange, NTU Library also presented PKU Library 89 academic books published by NTU Press.


PKU President Zhou Qifeng and NTU President Lee Si-chen inaugurating the exhibition


In addition, the two libraries worked together to hold an exhibition of “Time-space Convergence between PKU and NTU” in the NTU Library’s Special Collections Hall. The exhibition reviewed the historical link between the two institutions of higher learning. It will last until the end of May, after which it will be held at PKU Library.



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Written by: Liu Lu
Edited by: Jacques
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