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PKU-Taiwan Business Networking Luncheon held in Taipei

Peking University, May 18, 2011: On the occasion of cooperation between Peking University (PKU) and Taiwan's academia, "PKU-Taiwan Business Networking Luncheon" was held in Taipei on May 12.


On behalf of PKU, President Zhou Qifeng extended his warm welcome to all the guests. Thus he gave a speech focused on the university’s educational developments in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, information and engineering sciences and medical sciences in recent years. He specifically mentioned its efforts to keep up with the changing times and its active role paid in solving problems existing in human survival and development. President Zhou recalled the cooperative relationship between PKU and Taiwan, showing deep gratitude for Taiwan's long-standing support. As one of the most  high-profile universities with a strong sense of obligation, PKU has long been active in joining cultural and scientific exchange with Taiwan. As Zhou pointed out, in this new period of prosperity and development, PKU will seize the opportunity to cooperate with all circles in Taiwan to benefit both sides.


President Zhou Qifeng


Professor Wu Hemao (Wu Ho-mou), executive vice dean of the PKU National School of Development, delivered a keynote speech. Beginning with the economic opportunities and challenges in China, he introduced and interpreted China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15), followed by a discussion of mainland China’s economic development.


Professor Wu Hemao (NTU alumnus '74)


"PKU-Taiwan Business Networking Luncheon" was initiated by PKU Education Foundation, in order to express gratitude for generous support over the years from Taiwan businesses. Armed with common interests, the two sides are expected to make joint efforts to increase mutual understanding and friendship and to seek new ways of cooperation upon the new year — with all its challenges and opportunities.


Lee Sush-der, head of Taiwan’s financial administration, and Chen Yuh-chang, head of Taiwan’s financial supervision, together with 50 executive officers from Fubon Financial Holdings, Cathay Financial Holdings, Taishin Financial Holdings, Uni-President Group, Ting Hsin International Group, Want Want Group and other well-known enterprises in Taiwan, were invited. The delegation of PKU, including President Zhou Qifeng, Vice President Li Yansong, Founder Group Chairman Wei Xin, together with representatives of the Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs and other departments in school, presided over the event.


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Written by: Wang Shiqin
Edited by: Arthars
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