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PKU makes China's first CIGS solar integrated power circuit

Peking University, May 15, 2011: In the 6th Asia Solar Photovoltaic Industry Exhibition, the first copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar integrated power circuit of China was exhibited in Shanghai on May 5.


Technically supported by Peking University (PKU), Henan Yanyuan Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd developed the China’s first CIGS solar integrated power circuit. This new product proves to be a new innovation in Chinese Solar Photonics Industry. With the booming solar industry nowadays, people are familiar with solar collectors and solar cells. However, what they don’t quite know is the combination of these two elements–the solar integrated power circuit, a new type of CIGS solar cell’s application. It provides a new approach to promote its scale production.



Gan Zizhao, professor of the PKU School of Physics and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), talked about the invention during an interview. “The application of CIGS solar cell is going to be the development trend in the solar industry. It reduces pollution and costs compared with the old material, which is mainly silicon. Moreover, it’s cheaper and more efficient,” said Professor Gan.


The PKU research team had independent intellectual property of this technology, added Professor Gan. Compared with other few ountries like US and Germany, they are still in an intermediate level, having a long way to reduce the gap in craftsmanship. However, there are large potential markets for this innovation in China.


Wolfgang Palz, chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), expressed his compliments for China’s remarkable achievements in energy conservation and pollution reduction, especially efforts made in developing new energy.


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Written by: Qian Xin
Edited by: Su Juan
Source: China News Service