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PKU, NTU expand student exchange program

Peking Univerity, May 14, 2011: Peking University (PKU) President Zhou Qifeng and Taiwan University (NTU) President Lee Si-chen signed several agreements on May 9 in Taipei to expand cooperation in scientific research and talent training between the two universities.


The signed agreements include the Agreement on Exchanging Students between PKU and NTU, the Agreement on Exchanges and Cooperation between Libraries of PKU and NTU, the Agreement on Academic Exchanges and Cooperation between PKU School of Government and NTU College of Social Sciences.


According to the agreements, PKU and NTU will provide 10 exchanging students for each other per academic year and strengthen the cooperation in joint compilation of teaching materials, collaboration research, and double-degree establishment.


“I have always had a dream that one day PKU students and NTU students will study and grow up together along the Weiming Lake while jointly do research, organize academic conferences, and publish research achievements in laboratories,” said Zhou Qifeng in his speech at NTU on the morning of May 9.






President Zhou and his delegation at NTU


This speech was a prelude to the 2011 “PKU Day” at NTU. In his speech, President Zhou said that NTU was an inter-university partner which PKU paid high attention to and both sides had maintained close cooperation and exchanges. As the two universities speed up in building themselves into world-class universities, they are gaining more mutual benefits in fields of discipline construction and talents training. Both universities should seize the historical opportunity of peaceful relationship between the mainland and Taiwan. They should go forward hand in hand to establish stable scientific research cooperation and personnel exchange system, give full play to the academy and talents, contribute to the social progress and well-being of people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and promote the development of the Chinese culture to create a future for educational and cultural exchanges together.


NTU President Lee Si-chen said that President Zhou was the third PKU president to deliver speech at NTU after Fu Sinian and Hu Shi. This marks the deep cooperation between the two universities on the basis of historical origins to face challenges in the new area.


In history, NTU and PKU shared many origins in staff continuity and spirit heredity. Hu Shi, Fu Sinian, and other scholars from PKU had influences on the formation of NTU spirits and the development of NTU.


It is reported that PKU attaches great importance on educational and academic exchanges and cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan. PKU has signed agreements on academic exchanges and cooperation with 12 universities in Taiwan at present, including regular exchanging students projects with six universities. PKU is also the first mainland university to admit students from Taiwan since 1979. At present, there are 300 Taiwan students studying at PKU, including 288 degree students and 12 exchanging students.


A 134-member delegation led by PKU President Zhou Qifeng arrived in Taipei on May 8 on an eight-day visit to Taiwan. The delegation is composed of famous scholars and professors from 26 PKU schools and departments, and 40 student representatives.


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Written by: Zhang Hao
Edited by: Su Juan