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Alumni Family Day held at PKU

Peking University, May 7, 2011: Nearly one hundred alumni returned to Peking University (PKU) with their children to revisit Yanyuan on the morning of May 2, which was the Alumni Family Day. The activity was organized by PKU Alumni Office and PKU Alumni Association.

Among the alumni, there were white-haired grandparents, young parents, and children. Guided by volunteers, they visited the Library, the Geological Digital Museum of PKU, and the PKU Gymnasium to feel the cultural ambience of PKU. They also visited dormitories, classrooms, and canteens to experience the life at PKU. To make the alumni’s children have a more deep feeling about PKU, the organizers designed commemorative T-shirt and PKU Alumni Family Card for them.


Group Photo

The alumni with PKU Family T-shirts told stories about their life at PKU to their children as they walked. “Son, join in the Cycling Association if you are admitted by PKU.” Hou Xingyu, one of the alumni, said to his five-year-old son when walking past the billboard of the Cycling Association. Another alumnus living overseas introduced the natural scenery of PKU to his child in fluent English: “Weiming Lake、Boya Tower…” Seeing students studying hard in the library, Liu Wei from Guanghua School of Management patted his son on the shoulder: “Son, your target is to get the admission from PKU School of Mathematics Science.” An alumnus who also studied in Tsinghua University told the differences between PKU and Tsinghua University to his child.


One of alumnus families visits the PKU Gymnasium.

When the alumni walked to the Triangle, they happened to see a fund-raising bazar by PKU students taking part in a “Free Lunch Project”, aiming to provide free nutritious lunch for the children in Western China. Many alumni donated money for children in poor Western China.

After that, the alumni visited the student dormitory. Seeing the good environment in the Student Dormitory No. 33, one of the alumni told stories about his PKU life with other five students in a small room and said: “How good the living conditions in the dormitory are!”

Then, they visited the Lee Shau Kee Building. They walked into the classroom with excitement. A child rushed into the classroom and wrote “happy” on the blackboard while a grandpa wrote “Beida”. Sitting with the children in the classroom, the parents recalled their study years and encouraged the children to study hard.


A boy and his younger sister sit in the classroom.

After the visit, the alumni took their children to have lunch in the canteen. An alumnus from School of Law said: “This activity is significative. Bring my child to my alma master will make him feel the beauty of PKU, encourage him to study hard, and promote the relationship between parents and children.” The Family Day will continue to be held, and give more opportunities to PKU alumni to take their children back to PKU.

Written by: Zhang Hao
Edited by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)