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Earth Day 2011 at PKU

Peking University, Apr. 24, 2011:  Earth Day 2011 at PKU, sponsored by PKU Center for Television Studies and CCTV9-Documentary, was held in Peking University Multifunctional Hall on the afternoon of April 21.


The forum was presided over by Jing Yidan, famous hostess of CCTV, together with Yu Hong, Deputy Dean of School of Arts, PKU. With the theme of “getting to know Earth, taking care of Nature”, the forum was composed of three parts — "exploring our planet," "media people's practice," and "China’s path to save our earth."



Yu Hongjun, vice chairman of Peking University Council, attended the opening ceremony and delivered an opening speech. In his speech, Yu said that it was meaningful for CCTV9-Documentary to enter into campus: it opened a window for faculties and students to approach the authentic world, and on the other hand the documentary as a medium itself conveyed the idea of protecting environment and caring our Earth. In the following presentation ceremony, Zhou Yan, Deputy Director of CCTV9-Documentary, gave the signal receiver of CCTV9-Documentary as a gift to He Shan, vice chairman of PKU Center for Educational Technology, for the students’ convenience to watch the program on campus.


 Yu Hongjun, vice chairman of Peking University Council, at his speech


Three documentaries provided by BBC World News—“Earth: The Power of the Planet” “Planet Earth: The Future” “Five Ways to Save The World”—led the discussion section. The creative  perspective and unique way of  image recording left a deep visual impression on the audience, which at the same time unveiled our planet’s beauty as well as the potential crisis. Jing Yidan hosted the coming discussion with the guests. Wu Changhua, Greater China Director of the Climate Group, and post-doctorate Zhang Chun of PKU College of Urban and Environmental Sciences joined the discussion. From the perspectives of NGO, academic research and personal experience, they gave a breakdown of the great influence climate change has on human beings.


 Yu Hong, Deputy Dean of School of Arts of PKU



In the second part, two senior directors Zhou Yan and Chen Xiaoqing, Project Director of CCTV9-Documentary, took part in the discussion. Chen shared many of her anecdotes during shooting wild animals.


In the last part “China’s path to save our Earth”, Professor Wang Bo, Dean of Department of Philosophy, shared his ideas with the audience. From philosophical perspective and the theory of harmony between man and nature, he said that the proposition of “human saving Earth” was not reasonable because Earth did not need human to be saved. Environmental deterioration just warned people that what desperately needed to be saved were human beings. As for ways to save, Professor Wang thought that the relationship between man and Earth was more of serving and being served. People have to first change their attitudes toward the earth in order to save it.


 Jing Yidan in talk with Professor Wang Bo and Professor Hu Zhifeng


The forum bridged the gap between universities and documentaries. It called young students’ attention to Earth, environmental protection, and society and inspired them to hold a more mature and rational attitude towards the world.


This event was also attended by Professor Hu Zhifeng from Communication University of China and Pierre Cheung, general manager of BBC Worldwide in China.



Edited by: Zhang Chunlan
Written by: Liu Lu
PKU News (Chinese)