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Itinerant Exhibition on Li Dazhao's life debuts at PKU

Peking University, April. 17, 2011: An itinerant exhibition in honor of Professor Li Dazhao has marked Peking University (PKU) as its first station, which will last 13 days from April 6 to April 18 and continue its trip to the other universities in Beijing. The exhibition has been held by the Home of Li Dazhao in order to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Communist Party of China.


Professor Li Dazhao, the pioneer of Chinese Communist Movement, a Marxist, a Chinese Communist, and the leader of the New Culture Movement, is one of the most beloved and memorized professors of PKU. The history of PKU is connected tightly with this proletariat revolutionist, which also is the main reason why the exhibition chooses PKU as its first station.



The 44 display boards located in the hall of the PKU Library have been divided into six sections with different themes, according to the different periods in Professor Li’s life. Beginning with Professor Li’s early school years and ended with his selfless sacrifice, the boards have introduced the details of his lifetime.


Although all the students are familiar with Professor Li Dazhao, the exhibition still catches everyone’s eye. “All my knowledge about Professor Li Dazhao comes from text books and I feel there is still a gap between me and that period. This time, the exhibition gives me a great chance to see him in a closer point of view. Many of the sentences he said have been displayed this time. More importantly, it makes me to think about the history of that time and to inherit his spirit, as a PKUer with huge responsibility,” said an undergraduate from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. 

"I own nothing personally except Peking University.” Professor Li said at the 25th anniversary of PKU. Simple as the sentence, shows his deepest emotions and feelings for PKU. Professor Li had already tied himself with the fate of PKU.


"The purpose of life is to promote one’s life. However, there comes a time, when one must devote his life to contribute to this promotion, because sometimes unlike the brave sacrifice, the ordinary personal development can never be enough to extend the glory of the life.” He wrote this down in his article named Sacrifice. To fight for the faith and belief, Professor Li sacrificed himself at the age of 38. “Life without the belief and faith is pathetic. A person who is determined to fight for faith, even at the risk of sacrifice, is noble and respectable,” said a graduate from the School of Economics.


When Professor Li was in prison, he wrote, “I have devoted myself to make contributions to the national liberation since I started school. I do for what I believe, and I do for what I know.” Professor Li Dazhao has always be remembered as a genuine PKUer.


Written by: Qian Xin
Edited by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)