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Anthony Yuen gave a speech on Lybia at PKU

Peking University, Apr.3, 2011: Anthony Yuen, editor-in-chief and chief current affairs anchor of Phoenix InfoNews Channel, visited Peking University and delivered a speech on the heated issue about Libya on March 27. From a media professional’s point of view, he sought to lead young students to rationally analyze the situation in Libya and the complicated interests involved.


Mr. Yuen initiated his talk from his opinions and impressions of Peking University and universities in general. However, different from others’ speech, his involved both compliments and straightforward criticism. He drew a comparison between Chinese college students and their counterparts in the U.S. He held that U.S. students’ clear awareness of responsibilities for their own future lead them to cherish lectures and various study opportunities. As opposed to whom, Chinese students only undertook half of the task, leaving the other half to schools and parents. Consequently Chinese students were often easily influenced by society. He said that therefore, the main purpose of his speech was to teach students how to grow immune to negative influences.


Mr. Yuen later briefly reviewed the histories of many Middle East and North African countries with a focus on religion. He affirmed the important role religion played in these countries’ policies, and denied the so-called "despotism" partially voiced by some western countries. From his point of view, the turmoil in the Middle East was attributed to two reasons: the religious Sunni-Shia conflict and external intervention especially the armed force from western countries led by the US.


As for Libya, he thought that the generation gap between the mainstay younger generation and the leading older generation drove the ongoing riots in the Middle East and North Africa. But different in nature from disputes in other Middle East countries, Libya’s domestic conflict should be solved by negotiation, Therefore, he appealed to PKU students to think independently rather than blindly following the public, in order to objectively know international political situation. 


He highly valued Chinese government’s performance concerning the Libyan issue. He said that Chinese government excellently shouldered its responsibility in evacuating thirty thousand Chinese in Libya within such a short time. Moreover, Chinese government exhibited great wisdom and maturity in multi-lateral diplomatic relations. Although China voted abstention in the United Nations Resolution 1973, it actively participated in some critical provisions, which showed China’s contribution to world peace. He said that China was embracing the invaluable opportunity for development, and we must stick to our own way to achieve the rise as a great nation. As the backbone force for future development, the younger generation must maintain alert and rationally and independently rise above some deliberate instigation. Finally, he suggested that the students should remain cool-headed while being patriotic.


After his talk, Mr. Yuen warmly responded all the questions posed by students. In his response to the questions about how to be a distinguished commentator and how to guarantee the objectivity of the comments, Mr. Yuen summed up his experience in four points: firstly, to only rely on facts; secondly, to persistently pursue evidence even for the tiny little issue and never to arbitrarily assume; thirdly the accumulation of his knowledge over years; fourthly, to view the issue from the Chinese point of view and never to be deceived by western powers.




Anthony Yuen is editor-in-chief and current affairs anchor of Phoenix InfoNews Channel. He is also a columnist on Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao. Yuen was born in Guangxi, mainland China, and then moved to Taiwan with his father soon after his birth. He graduated with a degree in journalism from Taiwan's National Chengchi University in 1974, and later attained a master's degree from St John's University in New York City. He also works as visiting professor for many universities such as Renmin Universitity of China and Wu Han University.


Translated by: Liu Lu

Edited by: Zhang Chunlan 

Source: PKU News(Chinese); PKU Youth