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Record high increase in applications for NSFC funds

Peking University, Mar. 29, 2011: The annual increase of applications filed by PKU for China’s National Natural Science Funds hit a record high this year.


By the end of the application calendar, PKU has submitted 1,774 projects to the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the country’s top institution for the management of the funds, with a year-on-year increase of 279.


The funded projects have made up a major part of the natural sciences and engineering projects at PKU. As the national investment in fundamental researches increases annually, PKU has also sent in more and more applications to the NSFC.


Over 1,500 funded projects are underway at PKU, which account for 50% of the university’s total research projects. In 2010, about 15% of the university’s funds for research projects were from the National Natural Science Funds with the amount of over 300 million yuan.


According to the Regulations on the National Natural Science Funds, all the filed application will later be preliminarily examined and further evaluated.



Translated by: Liu Yineng
Edited by: Jacques
Source: PKU News (Chinese)