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PKU to introduce "consultation on students' academic performance"

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Peking University, Mar. 25, 2011: Peking University plans to roll out a program in May that arranges consultations for a targeted group of students.


The program mainly focuses on students with difficulties in their academic performance. These “target students” are those who frequently fail exams or encounter difficulties in their studies.


It concerns nine other categories: students with radical thoughts, psychological fragility, poverty, registration changes, eccentricity, Internet addiction, job difficulties, serious illnesses, and discipline violations.


Peking University (File photo/PKU Today in History)


The program aims to further establish an education and cultivation system of total involvement, whole-process participation, and comprehensive quality, to achieve all-round development of talents, and to fully embody the humanistic care in educational management.


PKU started a trial of the screening and consultation last November in the Health Science Center (PUHSC) and Yuanpei College, which was a joint effort principally by three administrative offices at PKU: the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Educational Administration, and PUHSC Office of Education. Collaborating parties include relevant schools, departments, institutes, and centers, the Office of Mentality Education for Students, the Student Career Center, the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Student Dorm Service Center, and the Office of Youth Studies.


The objective of the consultation program is to help individual students achieve an all-around and healthy development. Therefore, on the basis of thorough scanning for “target students,” relevant offices, departments, and centers that have been organized would analyze and determine scientifically on the academic performance. The relevant parties should design and enforce effective supporting plans and one-on-one tutoring to help “target students” finish school.


The principle of the work adheres to people-oriented values. The relevant parties should respect students' individual differences and carry out customized supporting plan. They should perform the task of educational management with care and love, and address ideological problems and practical issues at the same time. While focusing on the academic difficulties, the program also pays attention to the other problems.


According to the schedule, the “pilot working summary stage” is in April 2011. A working report will be finished before drafting an action plan for the entire university. All the drafts are based on the working outcome and comprehensive experience from the trial program.


Peking University will fully implement the program from May.


The requirements of the program are: Consultation with integrated effort will address the individual problems respectively. Further individual guiding measures will be explored in order for the tutors to account more for cultivating students. In accordance with the overall requirements, the PUHSC and Yuanpei College should perform with actual situation, managing to find out an effective and scientific working mode for the program of consultation on students’ academic performance.


Other relevant parties have the responsibility to explore the working mechanism for “consultation” and brainstorm for the trial as well. The joint efforts are to reshape PKU‘s educational management at grassroots level, according to the announcement by the three offices.



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Translated by: Wang Jingran
Edited by: Jacques
Office of Student Affairs