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PKU releases report on Chinese people's livelihood

Peking University, Mar. 14, 2011: The value of “secular familism” is widely recognized in China, according to a Peking University report.


The China Report - People’s livelihood - 2011 was released on March 1 at the conference of “Chinese Family Panel Studies (CFPS).” The report was part of a research program by PKU Institute of Social Science Survey (ISSS).


Professor Liu Wei, renowned economist and vice president of PKU, said in his speech that the PKU project started from the second phase of China’s “985” project. The research project was intended to evaluate the trajectory of Chinese socio-economic development by data collection through systematic, scientific, and qualitatively-evaluable ways.


"The research will help scientific research and policy-making; it will also serve as a historic record,” said Professor Liu.


Professor Qiu Zeqi, director of PKU ISSS, briefly introduced theresearch work and major content of the report. In the process emphasized the widely accepted value of “secular familism,” one finding obtained from the study.


General framework of CFPS


Process of individual life and social change


Before the field survey, researchers reviewed historical experience and consulted experts in different fields. They also performed a series of complicated studies involving different conhorts and life circumstances. People from all walks of life contributed to the project.


After four years’ preparation, Peking University began the study last year in 25 provinces, eventually covering 95% of the population on the Chinese mainland. Based on the collected data a draft was made for comment. Professor Liu Wei emphasized that the research project was only half done - it was equally important to apply the data to studies on social sciences and policy analyses. “I expect the data could be widely used and we will receive precious feedback,” added Professor Liu.


Leaders and experts from government agencies as well as academic institutions both at home and abroad also attended the conference.



Translated by: Liu Yineng

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)