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PKU medical experts for Yunnan earthquake relief

Peking University, Mar. 14, 2011: China’s Ministry of Health sent a group of experts to quake-hit areas after the Yingjiang earthquake occurred on March 10.


Zhou Mouwang, director of the Rehabilitation Department at Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH) and Ji Hongquan, deputy director of the Orthopedics Department at PUTH, were among the first group of medical and epidemic prevention experts sent to Yunnan for post-disaster relief work.


After receiving the appointment on March 11, Zhou Mouwang and Ji Hongquan did not have enough time to go home for preparation. Instead, they set out directly from PUTH. In the afternoon the team flew from Beijing Capital International Airport to quake-hit areas in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.






The two experts went the next day to the tent zone as well as the People’s Hospital in Lianghe County, where the wounded people were receiving treatment. The two doctors visited the wounded. They also guided rescue and treatment work for seriously-injured patients.



Translated by: Lin Zhe

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PUHSC News (Chinese)