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Filled with pride, ready to shine

Peking University, Mar. 9, 2011: Sponsored by Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR), the third “Intensive Training Course for Graduates of Mathematics” raised its curtain in the Resource Plaza of Peking University (PKU) on March 1, 2011, involving 42 enthusiasts from key universities all over Mainland China.



A few years ago, Professor Tian Gang, Director of BICMR, met with Professor You Jiangong from Nanjing University and Professor Ruan Yongbin from the University of Michigan. While talking, they came to discussing some major problems existing in domestic advanced math education. Limited by the quality of math teachers, there was a need for a platform upon which to integrate China’s resources at home and abroad to train skilled students particularly interested in mathematics. The professors realized that working together, PKU’s nearly centurial School of Mathematical Science and the international platform that is BICMR would be uniquely capable of drawing first rate professors from around the globe. They acted on this opportunity. 2009 witnessed the opening course of a training program for graduate students in mathematics.


To advance higher education in math, BICMR offers 4 subjects this spring: “Partial Differential Equations”, “Representation Theory and Tensor Category Introduction”, "Differential Topology” and “Riemannian Geometry”.


There have been several practical difficulties during the preparation process, such as making living arrangements for the 42 students, yet most have been resolved smoothly with the University’s strong and continuous support. PKU has attached great importance to this course.


"We have been actively exploring and reforming the model of graduate education, making innovations in personnel selection, academic management, training methods, mechanisms and the personnel evaluation system. With better organization, it will be easier for us to integrate resources, improving the program’s overall level of quality and its international competitiveness." said Professor Chen Shiyi, Dean of the Graduate School of PKU. Professor Tian Gang agreed, “It is our hope that all students who are interested and determined in math get the chance to increase their interest and intensify their motivation.”


Among the students in the program are those who were fortunate enough to be recommended by famous scholars, as well as others who are “volunteering their services” to the program, not a few of whom initially failed China’s College Entrance Examination. Regardless of their background, all of them are full of youth and vitality, expressing strong faith and confidence in their future.


"The atmosphere here is more active. Since we come from different universities with different knowledge apparatuses, we can easily learn and gain inspiration from each other," said Xu Qiang of Lanzhou University.


One article entitled "Filled with Pride, Ready to Shine" best expresses students’ passion and ambition: “We are normal amongst the millions of Chinese students, yet we are special, for we have more experiences and gains of our own.”


Their hearts filled with hope, the students strive for a promising future and better life.


Translated by: Wang Shiqin
Edited By: Arthars
PKU News (Chinese)