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Lam Chik-ho's family donates RMB10mn to PUHSC

Peking University, Mar. 5, 2011: Executive Vice President of Peking University and Executive Vice President of Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) Ke Yang signed an agreement with Lam Pak-nin, president of the Lam Woo Foundation and the representatives of Lam Chik-ho’s family on February 25. According to this agreement regarding the Lam Chik-ho family's donation to Peking University, Lam’s family will make a one-time donation of ten million yuan to establish the PKU Lam Chung-nin Fund for Systems Biomedicine. The fund will support development of Systems Biomedicine studies at PKU.




Lam Pak-nin and his wife attended the signing ceremony together with representatives from various departments of Peking University. Professor Ke Yang expressed gratitude towards Lam’s family for supporting Peking University’s medical research and education.


Lam’s family has a tradition of being actively involved in charity affairs. Lam Pak-nin’s grandfather, Lam Woo, was a successful businessman in the construction industry. Lam Woo not only was virtuous in character in his private life, but also supported the development of culture and education enterprises, as well as the revolutionary movement led by Sun Yat-sen. He expressed hope in his will that his descendants maintain the family's tradition and remain actively involved in charity. Ever since Lam Woo’s son Lam Chik-ho and his grandson Lam Pak-nin took charge of the Lam Woo Foundation, they have made continuous contributions to enterprises related to medicine and education. They also established the Lam Woo Award for Outstanding Social Workers. The foundation has had an inestimable impact in society. In addition, Lam Chung-nin, son of Lam Chik-ho and brother of Lam Pak-nin, graduated from the Clinical Medicine Department of Beijing Medical University (now belongs to PUHSC) in 1957 and later became an outstanding pediatrician. After his tragic death from liver cancer, his children in Canada wanted to make a donation to his alma mater to support cancer research at PKU and honor the memory of their beloved father.


The inexpendable 10-million fund will be used to support the work of one chair professor and two to four young scholars. To show gratitude towards the donors, the professors and scholars who receive this fund will be honored as the Lam Chung-nin Chair and Lam Chung-nin Young Scholars.


Professor Ke established friendship with the Lam Pak-nin couple during last year's Friends of Peking University Conference in Hong Kong. The three frequently visited each other, progressively increasing their mutual understanding. A final decision was made after the Lam couple gained more knowledge about potential applicants and the PUHSC.


During the Lam couple's visit to Peking University from February 23 to 25, they paid a visit to the Lam Woo Ophthalmology Center and the China Social Work Research Center at PKU - both supported by the Lam Woo foundation - and expressed their satisfaction with the work of both two institutions.



Translated by: Su Dongrui
Edited by: Zhang Chunlan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)