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Prof. Wang Hansheng invited as Associate Editor of JASA

Peking University, Mar. 3, 2011: Professor Wang Hansheng, from the Department of Business Statistics and Econometrics of Guanghua School of Management (GSM), Peking University (PKU), has joined Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA) this year as an associate editor.


Founded in 1888, the quarterly Journal of the American Statistical Association has always been highly praised for its extraordinarily professional level in statistics and was selected into the annual “Top 40 Journals” list of Financial Times in 2010. JASA focuses on both theoretical and applied statistics, particularly on related applications in economics, social science, physics, engineering and medical science.


Background information:


Wang Hansheng, professor & Ph. D supervisor, is deputy director of GSM’s Department of Business Statistics and Econometrics. After graduating from the Department of Probability and Statistics at PKU’s School of Mathematical Sciences in 1998, he traveled abroad for further study, receiving his Ph. D in Statistics three years later from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.



Apart from his duties at PKU, Wang also serves as a researcher in several international organizations such as the International Statistical Institute, the American Statistical Association’s Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the Royal Statistical Society, and the International Chinese Statistical Association. He has published more than fifty papers in English, and nearly twenty in Chinese. His other contributions include Sample Size Calculation for Clinical Research, a statistics monograph in English (co-authored), and a textbook in Chinese.


Wang has been invited to serve as associate editor for several academic journals, including The Annals of Statistics (2008-2009), Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (2008-present), Statistics and its Interface (2010-present), and Journal of the American Statistical Association (2011-present).


Wang is interested mainly in theoretical fields such as ultra-high dimensional data analysis, variable selection, sufficient dimension reduction, extreme value theory, and nonparametric/semi-parametric models. Among the many applied areas of statistics, astronomical applications, search engine marketing and social networks rank as some of his favorite topics.


To learn more information about Professor Wang, you can visit his homepage at http://hansheng.gsm.pku.edu.cn


Translated by: Ma Xiao
Edited by: Arthars
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