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PKU provost's new semester inspection

Peking University, Feb. 26, 2011: Professor Wang Enge, provost of PKU, stepped into Classroom Building No. 2 on the morning of Feb. 22 to inspect the teaching progress and visit teachers and students who have just returned from their winter holiday.


Everything was in good order: the lecturers and students were intently teaching or learning, which marked a good beginning of the new semester. Professor Wang paid a visit to the classrooms on the second floor of the classroom building, inquired about the teaching and learning process, and listened to some brief reports on the progress of teaching reforms given by the heads of relative departments. During the inspection, Professor Wang appreciated the Educational Administration and the Graduate School's efforts toward teaching reform, and expressed his satisfaction with the new, orderly start of this semester. In addition, Dean Wang stressed that the university should hold high discipline standards with regards to teaching. He also stressed that teachers hold the double responsibility of preserving the essence of Peking University traditions and academic atmosphere while maintaining an orderly yet lively learning environment.


Professor Wang and his colleagues in the multi-media monitoring room


Professor Wang listening to reports from different departments


After that, Professor Wang and his colleagues came to the multi-media monitoring room in Classroom Building No. 2, where they conducted a digital panoramic inspection of the entire teaching building. In the monitoring room, the situation of any classroom can be seen at a glance with the multimedia monitoring system. Professor Wang thanked the staff in charge of the apparatus for their careful maintenance, and stressed the importance of multimedia devices in modern day teaching. He expressed hope that the staff would ensure regular operation of the system, to provide teachers and students with the convenience of modern multi-media service.


The new semester inspection is regular work for the school leaders and related departments alike. New semester inspection has had a positive effect on promoting and maintaining good order in class management. In the next few days, the Educational Administration and the Graduate School will carry out further inspections over the teaching process.



Edited by: Zhang Chunlan
Translated by: Su Dongrui
Source: PKU News (Chinese)