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Opening of PKU Student-Run Free Clinic

Peking University, Dec. 30, 2010: The launching ceremony of the Peking University (PKU) Student-Run Free Clinic (SRFC) was held at the Hall of Yifu Building at Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) on Dec. 29.


Established by PUHSC hospitals, the PKU SRFC is operated by students including serving patients, seeking for sponsorship, and daily management. Doctors from PUHSC Hospital will provide medical treatment and the clinic will be sponsored by society. In October and November this year, the SRFC held two experimental openings. 



On behalf of the students serving in the clinic, Jiang Xiaoxiao, a student from School of Basic Medical Sciences, gave a basic introduction to the operation of the clinic. Sun Lingbo, President of PUHSC Hospital, expressed appreciation and support for the clinic. Jing Suozhu, from The international association of "Lions Club" provided financial aid in the ceremony on behalf of all sponsors. Student volunteers including Xue Kan, a Clinical Medicine major delivered speeches in turn talking about their unique experiences working at the clinic, saying that they would give unfailing support and undying love for this work.


Prof. Ke Yang, Executive Vice President of Peking University, gave a concluding speech saying that the SRFC provided what the students could not learn in class — hearted empathy for the patients and a strong sense of social responsibility. Ke also gave a retrospection of a similar students’ voluntary group 63 years ago and these excellent students’ legendary stories of becoming well-known and respectful physicians.




After the launching ceremony, leaders of the school and students present at the ceremony expressed their best wishes and signed their name on the banner “Acting Together: For the Health of the Underprivileged in Beijing.”



Translated by: Liu Lu

Edited by: Zhang Chunlan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)