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Concord and Vibrance of Youth

Peking University, Dec. 23, 2010: Peking University (PKU) Symphony Orchestra held the 2011 New Year's Concert at the Multifunctional Hall of PKU Hall on Dec. 18, with the theme of "Harmonious Symphony, Shining Youth."


The 2011 New Year's Concert is held at the Multifunctional Hall of PKU Hall.

Prof. Xu Zhihong, former president of PKU, together with Prof. Huang Feili and his wife attended this concert. Being 95-year-old, Prof. Huang is the founder of Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music. Besides, others present were Prof. Wang Anguo, director of Art Education Commission of Ministry of Education, and Ms. Zhang Xiaoli from School of Arts of PKU. Noted conductor Wang Linlin from the China National Symphony Orchestra starred in this concert while Liu Xiaolong from School of Arts hosted the concert. After six-month painstaking rehearsal, the PKU Symphony Orchestra gave a well-prepared performance to the audiences.


Conductor Wang Linlin from the China National Symphony Orchestra is conducting the orchestra.


The New Year's Concert began with the melody of Festival Overture composed by Dmitri Shostakovich. Then, it was followed by the Chinese style (excerpt) composed by Bao Yuankai, including Zizhudiao, Zouxikou, and Beaming With Joy At Sunrise , which brought the audiences to the world of traditional Chinese music. In addition, the newly formed string band of PKU Symphony Orchestra performed the Simple Symphony composed by Benjamin Britten, completely exhibiting the elegance and poetic charm of this symphony. The Song of Vagrants played by Wang Lipeng brought the concert to a new high. He showed the sadness, tenacity, and enthusiasm of gypsy music through his delicate solo performance, which deeply touched the audiences.


Wang Lipeng at his solo performance.

In order to create the festival atmosphere, the orchestra started to play Plink, Plank, Plunk and Sleigh ride in the second half, which attracted the audiences' attentions by the relaxed and cheerful tone. Then, the band specifically played Saibei Dance to welcome Prof. Huang Feili' s coming and show their gratitude for his care and support to the orchestra. The Dvorak Symphony No. 8 in G major performed by the whole members of the orchestra brought the concert to another high point, which won the applauses from the audiences. In the bright melody of Youth , the concert came to its end, leaving New Year's best wishes to the audiences.

This time, the PKU Symphony Orchestra fully demonstrated its strength and unique style, which also, deeply moved the experts and the audiences. "In your performance, we could easily enjoy the elegance of symphony and embrace the music charm." Prof. Huang inspired the students of the orchestra. With passion for music and unceasing efforts dedicated to symphony, the orchestra members would provide more music to PKU students in future to bring the art of symphony into their life.



Prof. Huang Feili and Prof. Xu Zhihong with the players.


Translated by: Wang Shiqin
Edited by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)