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【NTU Day Special】NIGHT of NTU

Peking University, Dec. 22, 2010: Students from Taiwan University (NTU) and Peking University enthralled hundreds of audience by a joint performance on the "NTU Day" at PKU.


The performance - "Night of NTU" - was held on the evening of Dec. 20 at the Multifunctional Hall of PKU Hall, highlighting the versatility and talent of the students from both universities with chorus, traditional Chinese music, dance, puppet show, hip-hop, and magic.


PKU President Zhou Qifeng and his NTU counterpart Lee Si-chen also attended the gala.


President Lee led a 120-member delegation to PKU on that day, a visit with an unprecedented scale in the history of their bilateral communication and exchanges, for academics, administration, and young students.











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Source: PKU News (Chinese)