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Scholarship for Excellence

Peking University, Dec. 21, 2010: “Education is the base to a nation’s rise,” Prof. Min Weifang, Chairman of Peking University Council, said in his address at the scholarship presentation ceremony of PKU 2009/10 academic year at PKU Hall on the afternoon of Dec. 17.


The Scholarship Presentation Ceremony


Prof. Min Weifang at speech


Prof. Zhou Qifeng at speech


PKU Council Vice Chairman and Vice President Zhang Yan presided over the ceremony


Prof. Min later said, “Education is the cause of the whole society. All of you ladies and gentlemen have had high expectations of Peking University. And thanks to your generous donations, scholarship programs could be established and the education quality of Peking University is greatly promoted.”  


Prof. Min hoped that two sides could establish stable long-term win-win relationship by means of deepening and expanding cooperation. “I hope the recipients of scholarships bear in mind that achievements and honors have passed. Instead of arrogance and impetuosity, you are expected to achieve more, and make contributions to the nation’s great revival and the progress of human civilization.”


Vice President Ju Chuanjin at his speech


Ju Chuanjin, Vice President of Peking University, gave a brief introduction to this year’s scholarship qualification and selection process. In the 2009/10 academic year, there were altogether 79 scholarship items and 4,123 recipients, with an average of RMB5,000 yuan per person per capita and the highest RMB15,000 yuan. Since this September, the administration sector in charge and all schools and departments have carried out selection on campus according to relevant regulations, agreements with donors, and the principle of “fairness, justice, and openness.” 


Zhang Guozheng, president of “Greater China” of DTZ (Debenham Tie Leung)


Zhang Guozheng, president of Greater China of DTZ (Debenham Tie Leung) gave a speech on behalf of the scholarship donors. “Talent competition in China is very fierce. The competitions among companies, regions and countries are all actually competitions for and among talents. The scholarships you receive now only represent your satisfying achievements of the past and present but not your future development. I hope you keep making efforts for yourselves, the society and the future of our country.”


Representative of scholarship recipients at speech


Tian Yan, a senior undergraduate student in the School of Foreign Languages, gave a speech as the representative of all scholarship recipients. She gave a deep insight into “sacrifice.” If the sacrifices help us see our own values and add to the values, the sacrifices must have happy ending. “When we take photos in front of the great library on graduation, we could promise to Peking University that with this honor and encouragement from her, we will take on our responsibilities and make new progress upon a new beginning no matter how far we have covered and do our utmost to pass what we have today achieved on to more people,” Tian Yan said firmly.


President Zhou Qifeng said in his subsequent speech, “What our students receive today is not only material financial aid, but distillation of spirit. I hope today’s honor could become your power to go further and make more outstanding achievements and contributions to the society.


In recent years, the talents education of Peking University have received more and more concern and support. Many businesses and individuals at home and abroad contribute a great deal to the University in with the hope of giving back to the supporting society and supporting education. The scholarship programs supported by these grants have become an important momentum of PKU's talents education.



Translated by: Ma Xiao

Edited by: Zhang Chunlan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)