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Calligrapher Yang Xin Donates Works to PKU

Peking University, Dec. 16, 2010: “The companion of beauty in life,” a calligraphic exhibition sponsored by Peking University (PKU), was held in the National Art Museum of China from Dec. 7 to 15.


The exhibition highlighted renowned Chinese calligrapher Yang Xin, Peking University alumni.


The opening ceremony of "the companion of beauty of life" on Dec.7


Yang announced at the opening ceremony that those over a hundred works on display will all be donated to PKU after the exhibition, giving the beauty of the art of painting as a gift for his Alma Mater. Hundreds of representatives of students and teachers of PKU attended the exhibition and the opening ceremony. Prof. Yang He, vice chairman of PKU Council, spoke highly of the academic virtues and artistic achievements of Yang Xin, in pursuit of art with the focus on carrying forward the national spirit and dedication.


PKU President Zhou Qifeng at the exhibition

Yang Xin (right) with his friends


Teachers and students of PKU also paid extensive attention to the exhibition, and many departments of PKU actively supported the opening ceremony in its planning and meeting organization. Meng Hao, student from School of Life Sciences and head of PKU Painting and Calligraphy Association, valued Yang Xin’s calligraphy works “more for the underlying spirits and characters than the handwriting itself.” “The young today have a lot to learn from Mr. Yang.”


Some of Yang Xin’s calligraphy works


The theme of "the companion of beauty of life" is a reflection of the artistic life of Yang Xin. Yang is a renowned scholar, esthetician and calligrapher of PKU. The artist learned from Xu Beihong and Dong Xiwen during the period at Peking Arts Professional College in his early age. After the founding of New China, he was arranged to engage in aesthetic research and education in PKU. He has dedicated himself to exploring profound cultural traditions of the whole nation from the perspectives of academic research and appreciation.


In the past decades, the artist has spent a large amount of time learning the calligraphy. His calligraphic works highlight the beauty of nature and stress that the calligraphy can integrate the appeal of paintings. His works, boasting unique style, have been displayed in various exhibitions at home and abroad. Since the 1970s and the 1980s, Yang has been devoted to research on the Taishan Mountain and the lotus flower. “Tribute to Taishan” displayed in this exhibition is a best portrait of his interpretation of the spirit of Taishan. The lotus is also one of his favorites for he regards the nobility of the lotus represents the national spirit of China, which can be seen in those calligraphy works on chorals of the lotus.


Yang stressed the significance of this exhibition as a tribute to those contemporary elites of China who have made extraordinary contributions to the whole nation, such Deng Jiaxian, Qian Xuesen, Wang Xuan, and Meng Erdong. The spirits of perseverance and sacrifice shown in them are as glorious as the spirit of Taishan and the spirit of the lotus.



Translated by: Chen Long

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)