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First Negotiation Contest in Chinese Held at PKU

Peking University, Dec. 16, 2010: On the evening of Dec. 12, the final of the First Peking University (PKU) Negotiation Contest in Chinese was held at PKU Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. The topic for negotiation in the final was "Islands' Sovereignty and Economic Development".


Through fierce competition, Zhang Xue from School of Government, together with her teammate Zhang Bingxue from College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, won the championship, while Liu Jingmeng and Su Meidong from School of Government and School of Arts respectively got the second place.


Since September when candidates could apply for the contest, there have been more than 40 candidates from different schools and departments entering for the contest. The contest was consisted of the written examination, the preliminary contest, the semi-final, and the final. All the cases for negotiation in the contest were provided by qualified members of Peking University Negotiation and Mediation Association (PUNMA). In order to help the candidates to understand the negotiation and mediation in the round, organizers deliberately chose cases in various fields. The cases for the preliminary, the semi-final, and the final were the multi-party business negotiation over the "Acquisition of the Battery Factory", the two-sided civil law negotiation over the "Costs of Group-photographing", and the political negotiation over "Dispute over the Sovereignty of the Three Islands" respectively. This contest was marked by its attractive negotiation cases.

The negotiation is still young in China. This First Negotiation Contest in Chinese of PKU was the first try in the nationwide universities and colleges. Hoping to make negotiation and mediation known by more people, as the organizer of this contest, PUNMA has widely advertised it on campus since the beginning of this semester. One major feature of this contest is that those with little knowledge about negotiation can also take part in. The candidates can receive some training for free in this semester, including courses on crisis negotiations, emotional negotiations, multi-party negotiations, and business negotiations. In addition, they also invited Dr. Liu Chao to give a lecture on "Negotiation over Conflicts in Foreign Trade".


Translated by: Liu Lu
Edited by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)