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Innovation and Responsibility: The 11th PKU Biomedicine Forum

Peking University, Dec. 2, 2010: On Nov. 28, the grand opening of the 11th Peking University (PKU) Biomedicine Forum with the theme "Innovation and Responsibility – Medical Advances on the Way to a World-class University" took place in the Conference Hall of PKU Health Science Center (PUHSC).


The opening ceremony of  the 11th PKU Biomedicine Forum


"PKU Biomedicine Forum" is a traditional campus academic activity of PUHSC. Looking back on the past ten years, the forum's title ranges from "The Development of the Human Genome Project," "New Medical Model and Three-dimensional Health," "HIV/AIDS Prevention: Care for Young People," to this year's "Blend, Temper, Innovation, Responsibility - Medical Advances on the Journey to Become a World-class University." Each year the theme of the forum is closely related with the hot issues and cutting-edge technology in biomedical development.


After a decade of development, "PKU Biomedicine Forum" has now become one of the largest, most participated, and most influential academic activities in PKU. The 11th Forum embraces participants, including renowned experts, scholars, and representatives of outstanding graduate students, from varying academic fields into its discussion on hot issues in the development of medicine, aiming to inspire innovative thinking and promote humanism. 


PKU Executive Vice President Ke Yang hosts the ceremony. 

The forum was announced opening at 9 o'clock in the morning by Prof. Ke Yang, chair of this forum, followed by speeches by Prof. Han Qide and Prof. Zhou Qifeng.


PUHSC President Han Qide at his speech 


Prof. Han opened his speech with a brief review of the ten-year history of PKU Biomedicine Forum, affirming its significance in cultivating spirits of humanism and promoting comprehensive development of students. He then expressed expectations for the future development of the forum. First of all, he suggested enhancing the participation of students, hoping more outstanding graduate students to present their research in the forum. Then, he emphasized on the need for biomedical study to initiate more and deeper interdisciplinary cooperation to break through the restrictions of its traditional areas, because interdisciplinary perspective was indispensible for the innovation of biomedical sciences. He also wished to see future forums more lively and innovative. Finally, he hoped that the forum can become an extension of students' daily learning and study, encouraging students to broaden their vision and become more creative.


PKU President Zhou Qifeng at his speech


Prof. Zhou opened his speech with a letter from a student parent to stress his point that diligence was the basis of any accomplishment, especially for those working in the noble medical profession. He pointed out that in addition to selfless dedication, medical workers needed to have superb professional skills in order to truly implement the medical oath of "Health Related, Life Entrusted." He also expressed his hope that PKU students could always keep in mind their glorious mission, and make contribution to the development of health care in China as well as the improvement of human life.


Prof. Zhan Siyan, scholar representative of School of Public Health, Zhang Chun, student representative of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wang Weize, student representative of Graduate School of Peking Union Medical College also delivered speeches on the ceremony.


Translated by: LI Xiaomeng
Edited by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)