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PKUSZ Holds 1st Field Day

Peking University, Nov 26, 2010: The 1st Field Day of "Joyful Campus, Youthful Universiade" was successfully held at the stadium in Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University (PKUSZ) on the morning of November 24. With the approaching of Universiade in Shenzhen, this recreational sports meeting aimed to highlight the importance of sports activities and promote fitness. It is also expected to promote the relationship between different departments. Prof. Hai Wen, vice president of PKU and dean of Shenzhen Graduate School, Prof. Wu Yundong, academician of Chinese Academy of Science and vice dean of Shenzhen Graduate School, and Prof. Li Guicai, also vice dean of Shenzhen Graduate School attended this meeting.


The parade of athletes


With the parade of athletes, the opening ceremony of the Field Day started. Faculties and students from 7 departments energetically marched into the stadium with the music. The athletes showed great creativity and enthusiasm: some marched in procession forming different Chinese characters, some waved flowery balls, and some heartedly chanted slogans, which won rapturous applause from the spectators.


Prof. Hai Wen, vice president of PKU and dean of Shenzhen Graduate School, at his speech.


After the parade, Prof. Hai Wen officially announced the opening of this Field Day. He said that sports could help people build a robust body and meanwhile benefit people's studies and work. With his encouragement, the athletes devotedly took part in competitions with high morale. There were many interesting competitions such as tug-of-war, rope skipping, and hot wheels. Along with these team competitions, many eye-catching individual games such as darts, slow bicycle riding, and recreational basketball shot were also heatedly played.


The  100-meter dash


The 100-meter dash pushed the meeting to its first high pitch. Prof. Hai Wen and Prof. Wu Yundong joined the game and their performances won high praise. Some international students also joint in this game. In the final relay race, after running around the playground, the athletes successively run along with the Dasha River, classroom buildings, and the Mirror Lake. When they returned to the playground, the stadium was filled with cheers which made the Field Day to its climax.


The awarding ceremony

In the awarding ceremony, School of Environment and Energy won the championship, relegating HSBC School of Business into second place with School of Urban Planning and Design third.


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Translated by: Liu Lu
Edited by: Su Juan
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