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PKU Establishes Confucianism Research Institute

Peking University, June 30, 2010: Peking University announced the founding of a Confucianism Research Institute Tuesday to promote academic studies about traditional culture and explore the contemporary significance of Confucian studies, The Beijing News reports.


Prof. Tang Yijie, an 83-year-old scholar of Chinese culture and philosophy, was appointed Director of the Institute.


Tang said that as the impact of western culture provides China with a good opportunity to reflect on its own traditional culture, current Confucian studies should be selected according to and connected with the country's development.


"Peking University has always placed high value on Confucian studies, and Prof. Tang Yijie has a profound understanding of Confucianism studies' social meaning," said Prof. Zhou Qifeng, President of Peking University.


Prof. Guo Qiyong, Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies in Wuhan University, suggested that Confucian studies also should be included in government officials' training programs apart from the ongoing Confucian training of businessmen.



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