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Contracts signing ceremony of OPOC engine held in Peking University

Peking University, Mar. 9th, 2014: The cooperation contracts signing ceremony of OPOC engine between Beida Fund and Eco Motors was held in The Lake View Hotel, Beijing on February 28th.

"This cooperation is a new measure in Sino-American business cooperation on new energies and a step forward in the union of Industry-Study-Research of Peking University,” said Wang Enge, president of Peking University.

Established in August 2011, Beijing Beida New Energy Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (Shorten as "Beida Fund”) cooperated on OPOC (Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder) engine this year with EcoMotors International (Shorten as “EcoMotors”).

This cooperation will wholly improve the fuel economy both in the engine’s performance and clean fuels and help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases to improve air quality.

"With 50% fewer parts than a conventional engine, OPOC engine is lighter, smaller and more effective and economic; besides, it has an unparalleled power density to reduce waste-gas emission,” said Peter Hofbauer, founder, chairman of the board and Chief Technical Officer of EcoMotors, “what’s more, it is more stable and produces lower noise owing to its low-amplitude.”

Besides, compared with the conventional ones, OPOC engine, by using various fuels like gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol and natural gas, etc., is really a promising technological innovation that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a more economic way. Wang Enge said that “Peking University will make good use of her advantages in academic research, talents and her great role played in international co-operations to promote researches on environmental issues like clean-fuel development and haze control.”

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Beida New Energy Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is an institution established by Center for Global New Energy Strategy Studies (CGNESS) of School of International Studies, Peking University and The Entrepreneurs Club of Peking University, jointly with Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences., Aiming at the strategic research, development and co-operation of new energy and the innovation of clean fuel automobile, it plays an active role in servicing local economy, social development and environmental governance.

EcoMotors International, whose mission is “Clean, Efficient and Lightweight Propulsion Systems for a Better World”, has rich experience in engine development and company management and focuses its research on the development of next-generation OPOC engine with propulsion systems.

Written By: Hu Beibei
Edited by: He Jianfeng
Sources: PKU News and CGNESS News
Relevant Links: EcoMotors International: