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Justin Yifu Lin awarded the Knights of the National Order of the Lion of Senegal

Peking University, Feb. 21, 2014: Professor Justin Yifu Lin, met with Senegalese President Macky Sall at the Senegal Presidential Palace on January 13. The meeting focused on how Senegal can learn from the experience of China and explore a way of development that is suitable for its national conditions. After the meeting, President Macky Sall granted Professor Lin the knights of the National Order of the Lion of Senegal.



President Macky Sall said, early when Professor Lin was senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank, Lin visited Senegal for several times and had face-to-face discussion over the issues of global economy and national economic growth with him personally. He was a fan of ProfessorLin’s ideas in his “New Structural Economics”. He appreciated Lin for the experience sharing, and said that China’s experience would help with his “Senegal Revitalization Plan” by broaden their thinking and find a proper way for his country.


Professor Justin Yifu Lin said that he appreciated the honor and approval from President Macky Sall and the people of Senegal, as an economist, he is optimistic with the future development of Senegal. He thought Senegal possesses important elements for an economic boom, the appropriate economic policy and institutional arrangement will surely drive its economy into a high-speed and continuous growth. He believed that the people of Senegal will seize the chances to develop the nation’s economy and increase people’s income.


Professor Lin took the 30-year development of China after the economic reform and opening-up as an example to illustrate the governing, economic-developing and life-condition-promoting experience of Chinese people. Lin said that Chinese government had always been working on helping African countries to develop their nations. Chinese experience in developing industry zones has been taken over by many African countries and has been working quite well. Senegal is rich in human resources and has a good education foundation. It will be very promising if good experience and proper methods of development is adopted.


Professor Lin also received the Annual Outstanding Contribution Award from African Association of Research and Teaching Institutions of Economic Management in University of Dakar, which honors the significant contribution made by Professor Lin to the development of economics in Africa.


Senegal is located in the west end of African continent, with its capital in Dakar, Mauritania to its north, Mali to its east, Guinea and guinea Bissau to its south and faces the Atlantic Ocean on the west. The country has a 500km coastline. Senegal is an agrarian country, with 31% of the land covered by forests. Arable land takes up 27% of its territory. The peanut is one of the most important economic and export crops. Other industries included fishery, mining, manufacturing, and tourism.


Written by: Guo Caichen

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKUNews (Chinese)