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Lien Chan awarded honorary professor of Peking University

Peking University, February 20, 2014: On February 19, Lien Chan, honorary chairman of Taiwan's Kuomintang party and chairman of cross-Strait Peaceful Development Fund paid a visit to Peking University and was awarded honorary professor.


The video news (CCTV-News)


Lien and his wife, Lien Fang-yu (CRI.cn)


It has been nine years since Lien’s last visit to PKU. He referred to PKU as his alma mater, meaning “university of his mother” (his mother studied at Peking University in the 1930’s), in his speech back in 2005.


Lien (L) meets with Zhu Shanlu


Zhu Shanlu, chairman of Peking University Council, met with Lien Chan at Linhuxuan. He pointed out that Mr. Lien has been devoted himself to promoting cross-strait peaceful development and concerned with PKU’s development.


Zhu welcomed Mr. Lien to come back to PKU’s 120th anniversary and hoped that PKU would establish more cooperation with universities in Taiwan in various fields.


Later on, President Wang Enge conferred the certificate to Lien and addressed that, Mr. Lien is an excellent politician and a high-achieving scholar in politics in Taiwan. “Awarding him the honorary professor of PKU will definitely contribute to the development of cross-strait communication, especially in cultural, educational and academic exchange between PKU and universities in Taiwan ”.


The awarding ceremony


Up till now, PKU has established various collaborations with Taiwan University and other 16 universities in Taiwan. PKU is also amid the first group of Mainland universities enrolling Taiwan students.


At present, there are 468 Taiwan students studying in PKU for their degrees, and around 100 PKU students exchange to universities in Taiwan every year.


Mr. Lien Chan expressed his gratitude to PKU and said, “we are all members of Chinese nation and we share the same cultural tradition and national identity, so facing this challenging world, the Chinese intellectuals should bear their responsibilities and spread the Chinese culture to the world better”. He also indicated that he would make more contribution in promoting the exchange across the strait.


Lien's speech


After the meeting, Lien Chan attended a panel discussion with PKU faculty members and students and took photos with them afterwards.


Honorary professor is an honorable academic title awarded by universities. Since 1977, Peking University has conferred the honor to the experts and scholars across the world, including Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning, President of Waseda University Katsuhiko Shirai, famous novelist Jin Yong, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedovetc.


Written by: Wang Jingwei

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)