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Top global mathematicians assemble in PKU for invited academic report

Peking University, Oct. 18, 2013: Six top global mathematicians visited Peking University as invited for the centennial of the establishment of mathematics discipline. Brilliant academic reports were offered by them at the lecture hall in Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR) from Oct. 10 to 12. The campaign was held jointly by the School of Mathematical Sciences and BICMR.


The visiting group included Phillip A. Griffiths, Wolf prize winner and member of National Academy of Sciences in U.S., John Ball, FRS and Former President of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), Andrei Okounkov, the Fields medal winner, Martin Groetschel, the IMU secretary general and member of NAE, Jean-Michel Bismut, member of the French Academy of Sciences, and Emmanuel Candès, Waterman award as well as Collatz Prize winner.


Zhu Shanlu, chairman of Peking University Council, Wang Enge, president of Peking University, and other school leaders met with the group on Oct. 11 and appreciated their strong support to PKU’s construction of scientific research and international cooperation. And they welcomed top specialists to PKU more frequently for high level academic exchanges in the coming future.


As one of the series academic activities that celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peking University mathematical disciplines, the international leading mathematician academic reports covered the important research fields of fundamental mathematics and applied mathematics. Both the forefront of professional research and lectures for the understanding of the general public were included. Thousands of scholars and students from PKU and surrounding universities were attracted to the lectures.


In recent years, contributions to the introduction and cultivation of qualified personnel and talents were made under the cooperation of School of Mathematical Sciences and BICMR. And great efforts were put into improving the teaching and research level and external cooperation and communication of the mathematics discipline in PKU. Over 200 outstanding mathematicians come to PKU for various lectures, courses or cooperative study every year, which has greatly promoted the process of building a world-class mathematics discipline in PKU.


Andrei Okounkov


Emmanuel Candès


Jean-Michel Bismut


John Ball


Martin Groetschel


Phillip A.Griffiths



Written by: Guo Caichen

Edited by: Zhu Wenjia

Source: PKU News (Chinese)