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Law students to explore Capitol Hill

Peking University, May 30, 2013: A select batch of four from Peking University (PKU) School of Transnational Law (STL) will visit Capitol Hill this summer through a cross-Pacific program.


J. Matthew Szymanski Rule of Law Program, funded by the US-Asia Institute and its Senior Advisor J. Matthew Szymanski, sponsors Chinese and American students to take a field trip to Capitol Hill, learning the knowledge of law and communicating with relevant officials.


Only five seats every year are available to all that majors in law within China, and the competition for participation is intensive. Fluent-spoken English and insights into American law systems are required there.


STL seems to have enjoyed a preference, with three students enrolled in 2011 and 2012 respectively.


“It is not only our individual accomplishment, but the glory of the School,” said Bao Shengyuan, participant of the program in 2011, “STL is widely recognized in US political and legal fields.”


This summer, four out of the five tickets belongs to STL students: Cai Jinyang '15, Guo Yuhong, Li Xiaxi and Li Xinghai '14.



Group photo of the five participants this year


The four will fly to Washington on June 23 for a four-week experience of almost everything shown in House of Cards, The West Wing, Boston Legal, Justice and other popular American TV series: How is a federal law enacted and enforced? What is the process of a legal judgment? What is the real scene of American legal and political life?


The White House, the Federal Supreme Court, and law schools are on their itinerary, where the students will experience the process of legislation and judicial judgments, interacting face-to-face with legislators, judges, lawyers and professors. They will also have the chance of visiting other cities around the D.C., communicating with more local people.



Written by: Liu Yineng

Edited by: Arthars

Source: Shenzhen Graduate School