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PKU Celebrated Tibetan New Year with Tibetan Students

Peking University, Beijing, Feb. 26, 2009: The celebration of the Tibetan New Year, organized by the Office of Students’ Affairs of Peking University (PKU), was held in PKU International Meeting Center in February 24, the New Year Eve on the Tibetan Calendar.


With the upbeat holiday music, the hall was overflowing with festive atmosphere. Thirty Tibetan students from different departments attended this celebration. Also presented were Ma Huaxiang, Director of Office of Students’ Affairs, Cha Jing, Vice-Director of Office of Studetns’ Affairs, Zhang Xiaomeng, Vice-Director of United Front Work Department, and Li Haiyan, Vice-Secretary of CPC School of Government Committee. The celebration was emceed by two Tibetan studetns.


Director Ma Huaxiang gave holiday greetings to the Tibetan students in the beginning. He said that under the correct lead of the Party Central Committee and the local government, the Tibet has developed fast socially and economically and people’s living standards have been markedly improvedafter fifty-year democratic reform in Tibet, especially during the thiry-year reform and opening-up in China. He hoped the Tibetan students can cherish the study time in PKU, and contribute to their hometown’s construction and development after graduation by learning the useful knowledge and improving their overall abilities. Finally, he gave his New Year’s blessings to all Tibetan students.


Then, the Tibetan students and attended teachers gave brilliant performances which received warm applause. During the ceremony, Ma Huaxiang, Zhang Xiaomeng, and Li Haiyan took out the first, the second, and the third award which pushed the live atmosphere to a climax. The Office of Students’ Affairs also donated the bookmarks with the PKU logo to the Tibetan students to express their best wishes.


After the performances, the teachers and students had the dinner together. Some of the students sang wassail songs impromptu during the dinner. The graceful songs not only exhibited the colorful Tibetan culture, but also conveyed their tender regards to the teachers and the university.  Many Tibetan students expressed that although they could not spend the New Year with their families, they also felt the same happiness as at home with teachers and other students. They promised that they will strive hard to study and take part in the practice actively to set up solid backgrounds for the future contributions to their hometown and motherland.


Edited by: Seren 

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)