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PKU 09’ Spring General Assembly of Cadres Held

Peking University, Beijing, Feb 27th, 2009: The Peking University 09’ Spring General Assembly of all cadres was held in the Office Building Auditorium on the afternoon of February 20. All the university leaders, including Party Secretary Min Weifang, President Zhou Qifeng, members of university Party Committee and Commission for Discipline Inspection, responsible cadres of grass-roots party committees and administrative branches of all the departments, all functional departments, organizations directly under PKU, all the democratic parties, the logistics system centers, PKU-run enterprises as well as responsible cadres of trade unions and the Communist Youth League School, attended the meeting chaired by Min Weifang.

Zhou Qifeng reported his work on behalf of the PKU administration team. He made a thorough review of the PKU affairs in 2008, a careful analysis of the development and problems of PKU, and an arrangement of administrative work in 2009 according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education and the outcome of the Strategic Seminar of PKU Cadres in the winter. The deployment includes: First, study and practice the scientific concept of development in-depth and make a scientific plan for the middle- and long-term development of PKU in order to create a world-class university; second, coordinate and advance the two major projects "985" and "211", meet the Phase II acceptance and Phase III proposalof "985 Project" and create a new situation of disciplines construction; third, do a better job in scientific researches; fourth, insist on "people-oriented" and further promote the development of qualified personnel; fifth, further improve the level of personnel training, student management and service; sixth, continue to strengthen the international and domestic cooperation and exchanges; seventh, do a better job in financial work, strengthen co-ordination of resources and accelerate infrastructure construction; eighth, further strengthen the building of the medical department; ninth, further strengthen the construction of Shenzhen Graduate School, industry and Informationalizationand pay great attention to working safety.

Zhou Qifeng stressed that 2009 is the 60th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China, the 90th anniversary of "May 4th Movement", and a very critical period of development of PKU. They should be engaged in construction to overcome difficulties and achieve new developments.

Min Weifang reported on his work on behalf of the party committee. He pointed out that PKU party committees had made new progress and achievements in 2008 in accordance with the deployment set by of the CPC Central Committee, the Party Group of the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal. He stressed that PKU Party Committee Party should unite and lead all the PKU cadres to comprehensively implement the scientific development concept and further accelerate the pace of building a world-class university in 2009. The work includes: first, take in solid charge of activities for the in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept; second,  further strengthen the building of party's organizations; third, strengthen the propaganda of the theory and work in the ideological field; fourth, further strengthen the ideological and political work on the students and try to solve practical problems in their growth; fifth, consolidate and expand the united front of the new era; sixth, further perfect corrupt prevention and punishment system to strengthen construction of honest and clean conduct of party members; seventh, strengthen the work of trade unions of Teachers' Congress and the Communist Youth League to build a harmonious campus.

Min Weifang stressed that it was a new stage of the new historical starting point after 30 years of reform and opening up, and thus a more broad perspective, a more open attitude, and a more dedicated effort were needed for PKU to create a new chapter in the building of world-class universities.

Edited By: Seren

Translated By: Chen Zhenxia

Source: PKU News (Chinese)