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Executive Vice President Lin Jianhua Inspects ATI

Peking University. Beijing, February 24, 2009: On the afternoon of February 19, Executive Vice President Lin Jianhua, together with President Assistant Li Xiaoming, Director of the Scientific Research Dept. Zhou Hui, and Vice Director of the Dean’s Office of Academic Affairs Li Yi, inspected the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), Peking University and held a seminar with the officials of ATI, which was presided by Executive Vice Dean of ATI Bai Shulin.


In the seminar, Mr. Bai began with the annual work report of 2008 and the goals in 2009. According to him, the fund for scientific research programs managed by ATI in 2008 had surpassed RMB 70 million, doubling the figure in 2006. By the end of 2008, the Institute had obtained the permit for scientific research and passed the spot audit conducted by the group of experts from the quality management system and maintenance and support companies, also their permit is expected to be obtained in this year. With the certificate of confidentiality obtained in 2006, the overall application for scientific research permits has almost been complete. In 2009, ATI would spend most of its time in helping the University faculty to prepare and apply for major national projects and National 12th Five-Year Plan Programs.


Meanwhile, he also pointed out some problems that the Institute is currently facing, such as the operation system, the employment system, the budget of expenses and so on, with the hope that the University would take them into consideration and find a solution.


The three vice deans of the Institute followed Mr. Bai and each delivered a report on the scientific research programs and the problems existing in their respective centers.


Executive Vice President Lin and other attendees, after listening to their reports, suggested proposals and solutions to the problems discussed. Then he concluded the seminar by praising the Institute for the achievements it had achieved in the past three years. He also said that the University would do its best to help the Institute with its problems.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Lin Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)