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PKU Career Center Organizes Special Session for Employment Opportunities

Peking University, Beijing, February 24, 2008: The first regular semester of special sessions for students’ employment opportunities was organized by the PKU Student Career Center in the conference room of the second floor of the North Building during the morning of February 19th. Nearly 50 people, including deputy party secretaries, teachers responsible for the employment of all departments and teachers in the Job Center attended the meeting. Chen Yongli, director of the Career Center, chaired the meeting.


The investigation results for the employment of more than 6200 fresh graduates from 32 departments were announced at the meeting. It was demanded that all the departments should do further investigation and preparation for the five key groups, including typical elites, those with job intentions in the west, as the "village officials". Those with employment barriers were provided with "one-on-one" guidance and assistance.


Furthermore, the spokesman for the Career Center also said that it would focus on increasing employment information in all kinds through multiple channels, stabilizing students’ emotions, doing their best in job guidance, by doing things such as organizing various types of job fairs, making more connections with the employees in the key cities around the Bohai Sea, in the center or the west, providing personalized guidance and training, opening up the job opportunities from alumni and so on.


The special sessions for students’ employment is planned to be held every other week. Teachers in the Career Center and those responsible for employment of all the departments would attend the meeting, announcing the situation of employment and communicating with each other their experience on employment affairs.


Edited By : Yan Jiefei

Translated By : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)