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PKU Students Entrepreneurial Team Visits the University of Tokyo

PekingUniversity, Beijing, Feb. 23, 2009: Led by Prof. Zhang Yan, Vice-Secretary of CPC Peking University (PKU) Committee, the entrepreneurial team with twelve students and teachers from PKU visited the University of Tokyo from February 19 to 21. The aim of this trip was to enhance the communication in entrepreneurial education of the two universities.



This visit was the continuation of the entrepreneurial exchange activities between the two universities held in PKU last November. Together with the four teams from the University of Tokyo, the four teams from PKU composed of students from School of Software and Microelectronics, Graduate School of Education, School of Economics, and Department of Chinese Language and Literature lively exchanged opinions about their business plans which covered the areas of e-commerce, IT development, energy environment, trade, life science and marketing service. Such local companies as Daiwa Securities also took part in these exchanging activities. Some of the venture capitalists discussed with the students about the business plans, market prospect and implementation scheme. Their interactions positively helped the students broaden their international perspective, improve their entrepreneurial capacities, and promote the practices of entrepreneurship.



Junichi Hamada, Managing Directorand Executive Vice Presidentof the University of Tokyo, Koichi Yamada, Managing Director of the University of Tokyo, and Shigeo Kagami, General Manager of Department of Science Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development of the University of Tokyo gave warm welcome to the PKU students and teachers and made several negotiations with Prof. Zhang Yan. Both of the two sides agreed that the entrepreneurial exchange between the two universities was not only increasing the knowledge accumulation and raising the practice level by learning from each other’s strong points, but also extending the communication platform and promoting the prosperity and development of the entrepreneurial culture. The two sides also reached agreements on exploring long-term mechanism of the entrepreneurial communication and seeking more effective cooperative models.

Edited by: Ding Zhilan

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)