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Physics and Chemistry of Materials Teaching Guiding Sub Committee Held Symposium of 2008 in PKU

PekingUniversity, Beijing, Jan. 6th, 2009: The Physics and Chemistry of Materials Teaching Guiding (PAMTG) sub-Committee of the Materials Science and Engineering Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education Teaching held the symposium of 2008 in Peking University from December 20 to 21st. Thirty committee members from 28 colleges and universities presented the meeting. Zhu Xing, Director of the PAMTG sub-Committee Committee and Professor of School of Physics, PKU, chaired the symposium. Professor Fang Xingui, Vice-Minister of the Educational Administration Department of PKU and Professor Wang Ruopeng, Associate Dean of the School of Physics, PKU, were invited to attend.

Problems and corresponding countermeasures in the development of materials physics and materials chemistry as well as the formulation of professional norms of guidance in the field were discussed in the meeting.
In the free discussion held in the afternoon of December 21st, all the members, according to their experience of teaching and research, expressed their views on the development and the guiding norms of the discipline and exchanged their experience of writing and publishing teaching materials.

In order to better complete the assignment about the establishment of professional teaching norms assigned by the Ministry of Education, it was decided in the meeting to divide the sub-Committee into three working groups, including engineering materials physics, science materials physics and material chemistry, determine the manager and members of each working group for timely exchange and aggregation in the future and held 2 plenary meetings in 2009. It was expected that the draft of professional guiding norms would be completed in 2009 and the finalization would be completed before the end of the term of current teaching guiding committee in 2010 upon extensive solicitation of opinions.

Edited By:Ding Zhilan
Translated By: Chen Zhenxia

Source: PKU News (Chinese)