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12.9 Singing Competition Unveils, Philharmonic Program Debut Shines

Peking University, Beijing, Dec. 18, 2008: On Dec.13th and 14th, 2008 PKU 12.9 Singing Competition and the first session of "Philharmonic Education" program made its debut in PKU Centennial Hall. What distinguishes the competition this year is that this is also a periodical sum-up of the first session of “Philharmonic Education program”. All the first-year students from 26 departments took part in the competition in 24 teams and devoted themselves to the two-day festival to express their passion for music and their commemoration of the historical event 73 years ago.


Mr. Wu Zhipan, deputy party secretary of PKU and Mr. Li Wensheng, deputy party secretary of PKU Health Science Center attended the activity. The contest was judged by a panel of teachers of PKU, guidance teachers of PKU art troupe and 6 guidance teachers from Central Conservatory of Music. 


The choir team composed of retired faculty and staffs were invited as special guests. They presented their beautiful songs to the audience.


During the contest, audiences were thrilled to hear classical music, original campus music and foreign songs. The twelve-part unaccompanied chorus "Ezekiel saw de wheel" performed by the School of Foreign Languages, "Spring Spring Spring" by School of International Studies and African folk song "Kwaheri" by School of Government won thunderous applauses.


This year’s competition is also highlighted by various novel artistic elements. Students from the Department of History presented their folk dance; School of Mathematical Sciences put on the figures "1978" and "2008" as a metaphor of the reform and opening up policy advocated 30 years ago. Other choir teams also impressed the audience with special costumes, musicals and other special features. All singing groups produced their own DVs.


After their performance, the departments and schools were prized in two teams by their scales. Winners were awarded “12.9 Choir Prize”, “Performance Prize”, etc. The Philharmonic Education program adds more artistic elements to the performance and versifies the forms of the competition.


Edited by: Cai Ying

Translated by: Xiang Yunke

Source: PKU Communist Youth League