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4th PKUEF Board of Directors Council Meeting of Holds First Meeting

Peking University, Beijing, December 15, 2008: On the morning of 10th Dec, 2008, the Peking University Education Foundation (PKUEF) held its first meeting of the 4th Annual Board of Directors Council Meeting in the Presidential Administration Building. The Meeting was attended by MIN Weifang, Secretary of the Party Committee, President ZHOU Qifeng, former President XU Zhihong, Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee WU Zhipan, Vice-President HAI Wen, Representative Vice President LIAO Taoqin, as well as the private investor LIN Junming and the distinguished alumnus HUANG Nubo, President of the Board of Beijing Zhongkun Invest. Group, and was chaired by Secretary MIN Weifang.


In accord with the Constitution of the Foundation, the Meeting elected a new session of Board of Directors, as well as Board Chairman, Board Vice Chairman, Executive Board directors, and Secretary General. The 21 newly elected Board Members are: MIN Weifang (Secretary of the University Council), ZHOU Qifeng (President of the University), WU Zhipan (Vice Secretary of the University Council), KE Yang, HAI Wen (Vice President), LIAO Taoqin (Representative Vice President), ZHANG Weiying (Dean of Guanghua School of Management), LI Yansong (President Assistant), LIU Wei (Dean of School of Economics), YAN Min (Vice General Accountant of the University Finance), LI Ying (Vice Director of Center of Medical Sciences), CHEN Shiyi (Dean of School of Engineering), WANG Yanglin (Executive Vice Director of the Graduate School), FU Jun (Vice Dean of School of Government), DENG Ya (Secretary General of PKUEF), LIN Junming (private investor), HUANG Nubo (president of Zhongkun Group), HUANG Shaowen (Vice President of Telling Telecommunication Holding Co., Ltd.), ZHANG Xuanlong (CEO of Founder Group (Hong Kong)), YU Minhong (CEO of New Oriental Education & Technology Group) and WANG Yan. In the meeting, XU Zhihong was appointed as Honorary Board Chairman, MIN Weifang as Board Chairman, LIAO Taoqin as Vice Board Chairman, MIN Weifang, ZHOU Qifeng, WU Zhipan, KE Yang, HAI Wen, LIAO Taoqin, ZHANG Weiying, LI Yansong, LIU Wei, HUANG Nubo, DENG Ya as Executive Board directors and also as Secretary General of PKUEF.


Secretary General DENG Ya delivered the 2008 Annual Report of the Foundation in the meeting. Under the guidance of the University, and thanks to the joint efforts across the University and generous gifts from all sectors of the society, by 9th Dec, the gifts the Foundation received had reached over 358 million RMB. These funds have been substantial to the support of education, teaching, research and infrastructure construction of the University.


After the analysis of the challenges and opportunities laid before the Foundation, the participants pointed out that although the global financial crisis brought upon unprecedented challenges and difficulties, yet there were still many fundraising opportunities, such as the governmental support to the charity, the Chinese economic miracle in the past thirty years, etc. We should seize the opportunity and face the challenge boldly, in order to promote the healthy and steady development of the Foundation.


Under the leadership of the new Board, the Foundation is expected to continue its current efforts to reinforce the faculty construction, explore more fundraising areas, and establish and complete the secondary fundraising system at the level of Schools and Departments of the University.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Lin Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)