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New Trend for First-Class Campus Culture

Peking University, Beijing, Dec 11th, 2008: PKU students' original musical "First-class Universities Start from Bathhouse" was performed successfully in PKU's Hall in the evening of December 8th. Zhou Qifeng, President of PKU, Wu Zhipan, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party, Zhang Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Party and some other leaders of PKU went to watch the performance with the teachers and students.


As early as 2004, clips of the musical "First-class Universities Start from Bathhouse" had won the bronze medal for non-professional singer groups in the 11th "National Young Singers’ competition", and the leading actor had won the silver medal for popular individual. Since 2005, it had performed for 16 times in different theaters, receiving warm welcome from university students and other communities.


In 2008, with strong support from PKU, it was re-created after 21 revisions. It had won the "Outstanding Drama Award" (the highest award in the competition) and "Best Composer Award" in the "China Award for Drama (Campus Drama Awards)", the only top prizes for campus drama set by the state, of the 1st "China Campus Drama Festival" closed on the night of October 14th.


Edited By: Seren
Translated By: Chen Zhenxia

Source: PKU News (Chinese)