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President Zhou Qifeng Emphasizes the Combination of the Spirit of Yuanpei and the Age

Peking University, Beijing, December 8, 2008:On the morning of December 4th, President Zhou Qifeng arrived at the Yuanpei College for inspection and guidance work on the Department. After being briefed on current issues in the Yuanpei College, President Zhou expressed affirmation towards the personnel’s training concept, and encouraged the department to continue with their good work. Present at the event are Dean of Yuanpei College Zhu Qingzhi, General party branch secretary Cha Jing, sub-decanalZhang Tingfang, Lu Xiaodong, Su Yanjie and others.


President Zhou Qifeng received the briefing from Professor Zhu Qingzhi, Dean of Yuanpei College in the conference room of Yuanpei College. Dean Zhu on behalf of the entire Yuanpei College expressed special appreciation towards the leaders of PKU and President Zhou for their care and concern.


Dean Zhu spoke about how Yuanpei College was first started, some problems and difficulties that were faced along the way; and explained the College’s personnel’s training concept, which is to “Enforce the basics, underplay specialization,personalized teaching methods, and diffluent cultivation.” Following that, Dean Zhu shared the specialties shown from a research done on the newly graduated class from the Yuanpei College, a few of which were discovered were, the students’ professional thinking were more stable, they had a wider range of basic knowledge, and had better team work and communication skills.


After the briefing, President Zhou expressed his approval and care towards Yuanpei College, and also his great affirmation towards Yuanpei College for all the positive changes and effects the program has brought to PKU since its implementation. He pointed out that the students’ training is the eternal objective of a University, Yuanpei College is a good example of a job well done, and this training concept should be greatly enforced.


President Zhou added by saying that the most important job of the Yuanpei College is to raise their students well; to enforce their patriotism, awareness of responsibility and social services. Secondly, Yuanpei College should continue to experiment with their training concepts, to provide more useful experience and references for PKU’s Undergraduate program in order to benefit the entire student body.


Translated by: Connie Chang

Edited by: Wang Yi

Source: PKU News (Chinese)