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[Sign Language Week] To deliver love through our hands

Peking University, Mar.24, 2012: From March 21 to 25, the “Sign Language Culture Festival”, held by the Love Heart Society, is carried on at Peking University (PKU). It began with a comprehensive exhibition at the north of 28th Dormitory Building on March 21.


The Love Heart Society desired more students to pay attention to deaf people by holding photo exhibition, inviting passers-by to participate in the sign language games, distributing booklets which are about elementary knowledge of sign language, and recommending books about sign language. At the photo exhibition, students from the Society invited passers-by to set out the gesture which means “I love you” in sign language and take pictures.


The photos taken are hung up at the exhibition.


In the sign language games, participators had to face all kinds of difficulties to experience the life of deaf people, which made them have a better understanding of the deaf’s hardship in daily life.


A schoolmate who participated in the game said,”sign language is very beautiful. It makes me know another kind of language, as well as another world in which deaf people are living in. At the same time, the activities organized by the Love Heart Society are very interesting, and stimulate my interest to learn more sign language.”


The Sign Language Culture Festival also included sign language lecture, sign language evening party and so on. The sign language lecture was given by Ms. Yu Yuanyuan, editor of “Chinese sign language”. She introduced a lot of knowledge about sign language by teaching, interacting with students and other approaches. Students from the Love Heart Society, Tsinghua University, Renmin University, as well as several deaf people, were also invited to perform in the evening party.


Feng Yunru, conductor of this culture festival, told us, “Our purpose to hold this culture festival is to popularize sign language and expand the influence of sign language both at PKU and in the outside society. Because sign language is the language used by deaf people, popularizing sign language can make people pay more attention to deaf people’s life, and build a communication platform between the healthy and the deaf.”



The reporter has a photograph taken with Feng Yunru.


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Reported by: Xu Yang

Edited by: Arthars